Are We All in This Together? NYT oped by Michael Sandel

April 13, 2020
head shot of Michael Sandel


Are We All in This Together?

The pandemic has helpfully scrambled how we value everyone’s economic and social roles.

By Michael J. Sandel

April 13, 2020

Mobilizing to confront the pandemic and, eventually, to reconstruct the shattered economy, requires not only medical and economic expertise but moral and political renewal. We need to ask a basic question that we have evaded over these last decades: What do we owe one another as citizens?

In a pandemic, this question arises most urgently as a question about health care: Should medical care be accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay? The Trump administration decided that the federal government would pay for coronavirus treatment for the uninsured. Whether it will be possible to reconcile the moral logic of this policy with the notion that health coverage in ordinary times should be left to the market remains to be seen. Read more at the New York Times