2020 Postdocs

b&w headshot of Irene JacqzIrene Jacqz completed her PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2020, where she concentrated in environmental economics. Her work explores the causes and consequences of environmental inequality, and in particular the role of air pollution as a frequent correlate of other forms of placed-based disadvantage. Her focus on the developmental effects of exposure to airborne toxic releases in early childhood is motivated by evidence that the very first years of life are a critical period for development, and correspondingly for policy interventions that mitigate the effects of environmental harm. She also studies the firm side of environmental justice, aiming to understand more directly the role of firm behavior in the generation of spatial inequities in pollution exposure.

color headshot of Chris HerringChris Herring completed his PhD in Sociology at the University of California - Berkeley in 2020. His research focuses on poverty, housing, and homelessness in US cities, and he embraces the ideals of public sociology. He has collaborated on three major studies and publications with the National Coalition on Homelessness and San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, the latter where he continues to organize as a member of their Human Rights Workgroup. He has also collaborated on research with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, the Western Regional Advocacy Project, and ACORN. Chris regularly consults with think-tanks, county governments, and legal aid groups. He is an editor and co-founder of the new Berkeley Journal of Sociology: an online-first graduate run publication of public scholarship aimed at broadening the interpretive range and prospective application of social research to political struggles, emerging cultural trends, and alternative futures.